Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Winding up in Carcassonne

Our second day in Carcassonne (the day after cassoulet!), we leave the citadel, watching people set up for pony rides on the lawn outside the walls, and wander through the old town toward the main square.

Pony rides

Art in the old town

Streets of the old town

Crossing the River Aude, we enter the brightly and cheerfully decorated streets of the newer Carcassonne.

Streets of the new town

We wander into the main square, looking for lunch, and settle in at Maison Bor for foie gras, salad chevre miel, cuisse de canard, and a lemon custard.

Dining in the square

Foie gras, salad

Cuisse de Canard, lemon custard

What a great way to end our overnight trip to Carcassone!

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