Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Dining in Montpellier

In Montpellier, we settle in for dinner at Bistrot Giles and rarely stray elsewhere.  A bottle of wine and a collection of tapas are wonderful day after day.  Our favorites are pan con tomat and brochette de margret de canard.  For variety, we try a few other dishes, but keep coming back to these.

Happy at Bistrot Giles

Frites, chiffonade de seranno with pan con tomat

Patatas bravas, peppers, canard

One day, for variety, we head over to UFish for fish and chips, followed by a stop in the square for profiterole and a little more wine.

Fish and chips

Profiterole (and wine)

View from our profiterole seat

We spend one fabulous evening at Ebullition for a five-course meal with wine paring.  Wow!

Amuse bouche

The courses


With some cognac

And, a little something to finish

What a great meal and a special experience!

Then, it's back to Bistrot Giles for pan con tomate, potatas bravas, and brochette de margret de canard.

All our favorites together

One day, we try sliders with our pan con tomate and potatas bravas, but later revert back to the duck.

Trying sliders

Returning to brochette de margret de canard

One rainy day, we wander in and repeat.

Rainy day at Bistrot Giles

Our picks by the heat lamp

A little rain falls in

And, again, another day, with a slightly different assortment

Duck + more

We're going to really miss Bistrot Giles when it's time to move on!

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