Friday, September 8, 2023

Pavillon Populaire Photography Exhibition in Montpellier

On our return to Montpellier, we stop in at a museum that we've walked by several times, but held off entering until we're ready to spend a little time.  The Pavillon Populaire is dedicated to the display of photographic art, located right on the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle.  The current temporary exhibition shows photographs from contemporary European photographers.

Pavillon Populaire

We enter and wander the halls.

Entering the exhibition

In one room, Tamara Eckhard focuses on the Youth of the Island Field (Saint Mary's Park on King's Island in Limerick), the city's first social housing estate established in the 1930s.

Youth from Limerick

Another display highlights scenes from Murmansk in the northern territories of Russia where the sunshine is rather limited.

Scenes from Murmansk

Another exhibit focuses on pictures from the marshland of the Danube River delta, the largest river delta in Europe.

Scenes from the Danube Delta

Elsa Beaumont shows photographs of people with disabilities and the issues they face navigating today's world.


This is a wide-ranging, thoughtful exhibition and is really well presented!

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