Friday, September 1, 2023

Cassoulet in Carcassonne

Returning to the medieval city inside the  citadel walls of Cité de Carcassonne, we make one stop on our way back to our hotel.  We spot Basilique des Saints Nazaire et Celse, a Gothic-Romanesque stype basilica and head on in.

Inside the basilica

After poking around a bit and admirning the interior and the incredible stained glass windows, we head next to the basilica, to the entrance to our hotel.

Hotel entrance

We pick up a bottle of wine at a local shop and have our aperitif on the balcony of our room, watching the sun set over the city of Carcassonne.

Room balconies

Sun sets on Carcassonne

After the sun is gone, we make our way over to La Maison du Cassoulet, where the board on the wall explains the cassoulet-making process, and we order our selections.

How to make casssoulet

Enjoying the cassoulet

Cassoulet is traditionally cooked in an earthenware pot, called a "cassole" and its composition is the subject of much discussion and dispute, based on local traditions.  Haricot beans are common to all varieties, but the meats can vary considerable, with each town adding its personal touch and claiming to be the one and only stronghold of authentic cassoulet.  A cassoulet is typically made with whatever traditional meats are available:  goose, duck, pork, sausages, mutton, and lamb.  

We order foie gras salad (La Salade de Foie Gras Maison, Magrets Séchés et Gésiers de Canard) and two Cassoulet Maison.




We return to our hotel to end the day with a cognac in the hotel library.

Winding down

And return to our room to find the ramparts lit up  for our enjoyment.

Citadel at night

What a great day!

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