Friday, July 19, 2024

Marymere Falls in the Olympic National Pak

One of the trails starting at the western end of Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Park leads to Marymere Falls, following a relatively easy 1.7 mile (2.7 km) nature trail from the lake up to the falls at the edge of the mountains.

Trail to the falls

Soon we reach a stream which we follow to the falls, crossing several smaller streams along the way.

Along the stream to the falls

As we get closer, we hear the falls and, rounding the corner, are treated to spectacular views.

Marymere Falls

The trail travels in a circle at the top of the falls, with several fabulous view spots, then returns back to Lake Crescent.

Descending from the falls

Halfway back to Lake Crescent, we take take a trail branching off to the right to follow the stream deeper into the forest for a while, then turn around and return to the lake.

Along the stream, then returning to the lake

We have to come back here another day and explore some of the other trails originating at Lake Crescent!  Now, it's time to proceed deeper into the mountains and the national park

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Lake Crescent and Moments in Time

Lake Crescent is the second deepest lake in Washington, located in the Olympic National Park, 18 miles west of Port Angeles.  The lake was glacially carved and isolated from nearby Lake Sutherland approximately 7,000 years ago.  Known for its brilliant blue waters and exceptional clarity, the lake, in addition to lake recreation, is the starting point for many trails into the Olympic Mountains.

We drive along the lake, admiring the scenery.

Lake Crescent

As we're exploring the lake, a logging truck passes by (one of many).  The area is full of them as they transport logs to the mills on the edge of the park.

Logging Truck

More lake scenes

Near the western end of Lake Crescent, the Moments in Time Interpretive Trail is a self-guided loop along the shore, leading through forest, meadow, and back to the lakeshore.  The trail wanders through very old growth cedar and Douglas fir trees, areas of old downed trees, and sections of young trees as it presents the history of the Lake Crescent area.  Interpretive signs around the loop present the history of these ancient trees and their environment.

Map of the Olympic peninsula

Trail begins at the lake

Continuing along the shore

Into the forest

Through the meadow

Interpretive signs

Old bench

Old and new growth

Returning to the lake

We have a little more exporing to do in the Lake Crescent area before heading deeper into the national park and toward the Pacific.