Tuesday, June 29, 2021

M50 Art Quarter in Shanghai

M50, short for the address, 50 Monganshan Road, is a contemporary art district in Shanghai that houses over a hundred and twenty artists and studios open to the public.  The art district was started in an abandoned mill in 2000, fueled by the cheap rent of the unused industrial space.  M50 has spread to take over several factories and warehouses, converted into studios, galleries, and other art-related businesses.

 Entrance with M50 map

Scattered around outside are numerous sculptures, some whimsical, some serious.

Sculpture scattered around

The complex is a maze of passageways, alleyways, and studios.

 Alleyway with studios and galleries on both sides

Wandering through the complex, I stick my head into several galleries and see the expansive and varied collection of art.

 Wandering through the studios and galleries

 Outside, artists have painted the walls along the street and on the construction wall a few blocks away.

 Decorating the neighborhood

 And, not all neighbors are pleased!

After wandering through the studios and galleries, I head along Suzhou Creek back to People's Square, enjoying the beauty and calm of the path and gardens in the middle of this large city.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Saturday Morning in Zhongshan Park, Shanghai

 I really enjoy walking through Shanghai parks just to see everyone out and about enjoying themselves.  People are walking, exercising, playing games, or just talking to friends.  The parks are full every day of the week, but the activity picks up on weekends.

One of my favorite parks for these walks is Zhongshan park, about 6.5km (4 miles) from People's Square.  The walk to the park passes through a lot of scenic Shanghai neighborhoods and takes me an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half to get there from People's Square.

Zhongshan Park, created in 1914,  is spread over a city block, a great oasis in the city.  The park is named for Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, who served as the first president of the Republic of China in 1912.

 Map of Zhongshan Park

As soon as I arrive at the park I see people playing badminton outside, next to a group practicing ballroom dancing.

 Playing badminton on the sidewalk outside the park

 Ballroom dancing outside and inside the park

Inside the park are more great Shanghai gardens and sculpttures.

More sculpture and gardens

But, I'm here to walk through the park and see what people are up to.  First, I come upon a group exercising together to music.

 Exercising group
Then, another group singing.

Singing group

Then some practice of all sorts of things with all age groups.

 Group practice

Leaving the park, I come across people writing on the sidewalk in water as others stand by and read what they write.

 Writing with water (near the badminton players)

An, of course, outside the park there more great plantings and sculpture.

 More gardens and sculpture just outside Zhongshan Park

It's a great weekend day of exploring and people watching in the parks and on the city streets.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Jing'an Sculpture Park in Shanghai

I love this park and try to wander through every trip!  There are great sculpture, with the Museum of Natural History in the middle.  Located on Beijing Road West, between Shimen Road No. 2 and Chengdu Road North, Jing'an Sculpture Park is a 15-20 minute walk from People's Square.

Here are some of the great views.

Park entrance at the corner of Beijing Road and Shimen Road No. 2

Art in the park

 New Shanghai Natural History Museum in the middle of the park