Friday, May 12, 2023

Walking the City Wall in Cartagena

The city wall in Cartagena's old town is accessible from many streets and we climb to the top on a section near the sea and start to walk along the wall.

Along the wall and the sea

On the inside of the wall, we see beautiful houses of the old town.

Peering into the old town from the wall

We continue along the wall, occasionally needing to descend to the street and walk to another section of the wall.  We find a few restaurants and bars on the wall, offering refreshment and great views of the sea.

Continuing along the wall

We find many innovative parking solutions to fit all the cars into a limited number spaces.

Creative parking

We also spot people hanging out in the openings in the wall, finding shade and a cool breeze in the hot, sunny weather.

Hanging out in the shade

Eventually, these sections of the wall come to an end and we turn around and head back from whence we came, now walking toward the new Cartagena just across the water.

Returning along the wall

It's a warm day (also why people are hanging out in holes in the wall) and we wander back into the city and pop into a restaurant for a cold beer to cool off.

Back into the old town

Cooling off

After our beer and a short sit under the ceiling fans, we're ready to face the day again and walk back through the old town and past the vendors at Plaza de la Paz, exiting by the convention center to find our ride back to the port.

Vendors along the way

Ouside the old town

While we wait for our ride, we hear music and find small church holding a service with all the doors and windows open for what ventilation they can get.  The music is beautiful and we enjoy it as we wait.

Service nearby

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