Friday, May 5, 2023

Old Town in Cartagena

From the Getsami District, we walk a few blocks to the old town, past woodcarvers practicing their craft, creating beautiful articles, old rolling carts used for transportation and vending, and Parque Del Centenario, across from the convention center.


Wood carver

Outside the old town

Old town gate and walls

We enter the old town at Plaza de la Paz and start to wander in this fabulous area.

Wandering in old town

We walk into an emerald shop and admire the gems and the work being done to transform the stones into beautiful jewelry.

Emerald shop

We continue to wander, eventually reaching the city walls on the other side of the old town.

Continuing through old town to the other side

Exiting the old town, we see modern Cartagena in the distance.

Modern city across the way

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