Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Continuing our Wander in Panama City


Iglesia de San José (San José Church) is one of the earlies surviving examples of 16th century Spanish Gothic architecture in the Western hemisphere.  The church was constructed from 1532 to 1735 by the Dominican Order and taken over the the Jesuits in 1865.

The church is beautiful and we enter.

Inside the church

Passing through to the rear of the church, we find statues of the wise men and an incredible manger scene.

Wise men

Nativity scene

Continuing our walk in old town, we start to wander back to our ride to the airport, catching views of modern Panama City in the distance as we get to the edge of old town.

Leaving old town, modern city across the way

Our bus takes us through the modern city and we get a few glimpses and picture of the great buildings and architecture of modern Panama as we transit the city.

Modern Panama City

It's been a great week working our way from Aruba to Columbia, Panama and the Panama Canal.  It's a shame to go home, but we've found great new places to which we should return.

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