Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Returning to the Old Town in Cartagena

The next day, we head out, back through the zoo at the port, and return to the old town to wander some more through its intriguing and delightful streets.

Passing through the zoo

We walk past the modern convention center across from the entrance to old town and enter through the gate.

Convention center and harbor

Through the gate

Into the streets of old town

We turn the other direction from yesterday and wander through Plaza de la Aduana over to Santuario de San Pedro Claver and the fabulous sculptures and displays outside the nearby museum.

Plaza de la Aduana

Santuario San Pedro Claver

Art in the square

Continuing our wander through the streets, we reach the city wall at the opposite side from where we entered the old town.

Continuing through the city

Reaching the wall

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