Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Holiday Decorations and Markets Setting up in Germany

From Paris we travel to Germany, flying into Frankfurt and taking a 2-1/2 hour train ride from the Frankfurt airport to Hannover, about 350 km (215 miles) north.  From Hannover, we make day trips to Berlin and Bremen, each about 1.5 hours away by train.

In Berlin, we find that the holiday season is just arriving as squares are closed for construction of the markets.

The season is arriving

In Bremen, the holiday market construction is also in process, but a little further along, with markets setting up in the old town square and along the River Weser.

Old town square

Along the river

Near the old town, a Christmas shop offers all kinds of decorations and holiday treats.

Christmas shop

Back in Hannover, the town is decorated and the Christmas market is also setting up in the old town square.

Hannover train station

Hannover zoo

Old town square

Department store decoration in process

And, in the middle of the pedestrian-only-zone shopping district, a giant carousel is being assembled, with a restaurant on the second floor.

Giant Christmas carousel

It's too bad that we aren't arriving a week or two later when the markets will be open and running, but this gives us a hint of what is to come and something to look forward to in another year.

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