Friday, November 19, 2021

Wandering Around Monterosso al Mare

We spend a day in Monterosso, wandering around the old town and the new town, absorbing the sights and the relaxed atmosphere and enjoying the pleasant weather.  The town is oriented toward the Mediterranean, with beaches in both old and new Monterosso.

New town beaches

Boats are available, both for pleasure and for fishing, the fishing boats bringing in fresh anchovies to grace our dinner plates every day.

Boats at rest

Walking through the new town on Via Fegina, the main street along the beach, we find shops, restaurants, and a casual, slow-paced, tranquil lifestyle.

Strolling along Via Fegina

Walking out on the breakwater, we get great views of the town and the coastline.

Looking up and down the coast

Viewing the new town

A map orients us with the new town on the left and the old town on the right, connected by a tunnel, lined with niches containing displays of the region.

Monterosso al Mare

Tunnel connecting old town and new town

Windows in the tunnel

Exiting the tunnel into old town Monterosso, we find a whole new world to explore!

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