Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Hiking to Levanto (from Monterosso)

Our second day in Monterosso, we decide to hike to the Levanto, the next town up the coast.  We take a less-than-direct route, hiking up to Santuario Nostra Signora di Soviore (established in the 11th century, one of the oldest religious sanctuaries in Italy), behind Monterosso, then following the crest around Monterosso to the sea, and then along the Mediterranean to Levanto.

Up to Soviore

Monterosso in the distance

Santuario Nostra Signora di Soviore

From Soviore, we follow the road a ways to Colle Di Gritta, where the trail starts along the hilltop around Monterosso.

Along the ridge around Monterosso

We get a glimpse of Monterosso, then are back into the forest, continuing our trek around the city.


Continuing along the ridge

We get the occasional view of Levanto on the other side of the hills, but we're taking the long way there and are still a few hours away.

Levanto in the distance

We reach an intersection where the signs tell us that Levanto is 45 minutes to the right, down a valley trail or 2 hours to the left, over to the Mediterranean and along the water.  We turn left for the scenic route and get more glimpses of Monterosso as we continue on the ridge around the town.

Several ways to Levanto

Continuing around Monterosso

With the occasional glimpse of Monterosso

Soon we reach the Mediterranean and turn right along the sea, joining the path that comes up from Monterosso (a much more direct route, but not as scenic as our trip by Saviore).

Along the Mediterranean

The path continues along the water, popping in and out of forest groves and up and down a few inclines as we traverse several ridges.

Along the Mediterranean

With occasional glimpses of the sea

Soon we reach the southwestern edge of Levanto and start to descend into the city.

Levanto getting closer

As we enter Levanto, we pass by the beach, where people are out enjoying the late summer/early fall weather on the Mediterranean.

Entering Levanto

We move quickly as we are on our way to lunch, treating ourselves after our hike.


After lunch, we wander through town to the train station and catch a train back to Monterosso.

Winding our way through Levanto

Back in Monterosso

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