Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Walking Around Monterosso al Mare (Continued)

Emerging from the tunnel connecting Monterosso's old town and new town, we come out on a beach area in the old town, with private beach (with colored umbrellas), public beach, and more boats.

Beach and boats

Looking into town from the beach, we see the train tracks, the city behind them, and the bell tower with a clock (originally a watch tower, now integrated into the church) proudly overlooking it all.

Looking toward town, crossing under the train tracks into Piazza Giarabaldi

The narrow streets of the old town wander through the village and we follow them to see what we can find (after of course sticking our head into the beautiful churches just off Piazza Giarabaldi).

Peeking in the door

Walking the streets

Following the streets up, we find ourselves at the Convento e Chiesa Cappuccini, with a chapel, a graveyard, and incredible views of the city.

View from the hill

We descend from the Convento, around the hill to the statue of St Francis (San Francesco), overlooking the water, with more great views back on the city.

Path down and around the hill

San Francesco

San Francesco's view

Below the statue of San Francesco, trains exit the tunnel, passing through the old town, and reentering another tunnel on their way to the station on Via Fegina in the new town.

Trains passing by

Crossing Piazza Garabaldi, we explore the streets on the other side of the old town, wandering up and down the scenic streets.

Exploring the other side of old Monterosso

Along the way, we enter and view another beautiful church, the Oratorio Santa Croce, and then continue winding our way back toward Via Roma, with thoughts of lunch

Oratorio Santa Croce

Winding our way back

Along the way, we find small wineries in operation, tucked in garage-sized rooms, with grapes arriving from the nearby hills

Delivering grapes to the small wine making shops

Wandering back to the Mediterranean, and in honor of the sea, we have mixed fried fish in a cone for lunch, followed (of course) by lemon gelato.


It's been a great few hours of exploration in Monterosso.  Although we come back every year (when we can), we always find something new in addition to delighting in the familiar people and places that we remember from previous visits.

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