Friday, December 3, 2021

Market Day in Monterosso

We wander down to Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi and find is it market day in Monterosso al Mare.  What a delight!

Morning view of the sea

The trucks and stands parked around the piazza offer a wide variety of food, clothing, and household items.

Market day

Leaving the market, we wander over to the sea, continuously intrigued and enchanted by the changing textures and colors of the sky and water.

Changing skies and water

Near the train station in the new town on via Fegina, we find maps of Cinque Terre and the hiking trails through the hills

Cinque Terre

Back in the old town, outside the gelato shop on via Roma, we find a small Vespa, a tribute to Disney's recent film Luca, set in Ponterosso, a fictionalized town based on Cinque Terre.


In Luca, the Vespa is a symbol of freedom for Luca and Alberto.  For us, it's a great picture!

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