Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Visiting Lucerne, Heading to a River Cruise up the Rhine

We've heard about Viking cruises on the rivers of Europe for many years and we've peered in the windows of Viking cruise ships as we walk by them docked at various cities in Europe.  It's time we take one our selves and we pick a route up the Rhine, from Basel in Switzerland through Germany, ending in Amsterdam.

We start our trip with a quick stop in Lucerne, the largest city in central Switzerland, located on Lake Lucerne with the scenic Reuss River flowing from the lake through the town.  We head over to the river to view the sights, starting with the Chapel Bridge, a wooden bridge first built in the 14th century.

 Along the Reuss River

 Chapel Bridge

Along the banks of the river, market stands sell fresh flowers, meat, and produce and offer food and drinks for consumption on the spot.

 Market stalls

Away from the river, we wander through the streets of shops and homes, finding something new and interesting around each corner.

 Streets of Lucerne

We stop for a brief lunch of vegetable pizza and pepperoni soup, then head over to Lucerne's medieval city walls, dating from the 13th century.  The walls have been restored as a walking path and provide access to several of the nine towers built in the wall, providing spectacular views of the city and the surrounding countryside.

Pepperoni soup, vegetable pizza

 City walls

City wall towers

 Views from the city walls

Descending back into the city, we cross the river at a bridge near Muhlenplatz, where Lucerne's flour mills were located, powered by the water of the river which later drove the city electric plant on this site.

 River power

Residents are enjoying the day playing games in the park.  We pass by and soon return through the park, heading out for dinner, Italian:  carnaroli risotto with saffron, prosecco, and roasted prawns, and 4 seasons pizza with tomato, mozzarella, artichokes, olives, ham, and spicy salami.

 Afternoon in the park

Pizza and risotto

We've had great first day and are looking forward to more of Lucerne tomorrow.

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