Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Mount Pilatus in Lucerne

Mount Pilatus looms over Lucerne, with the highest peaks at 2,132 meters (6,995 feet, 1.3 miles) and calls to us to travel up and see what's on top.  A cable car lead up from Kries (a short bus ride from Lucerne) to Mount Frakmutegg at 1416 meters (4646 feet, .9 miles), where a gondola takes us the rest of the way to the peak.

 Cable car from Kriens

 View from Mount Frakmutegg

Gondola to the peak

The gondola drops us off in a sheltered building, where we can look out at the elements.  But, we decide to brave the cold, spring weather and head outside, walking/sliding on the decks and taking a short path carved through the rocks around the peak.

 Looking around outside

Inside, it is warm and inviting, with entertainment.  We enjoy the great views for a little longer and then take the gondola back down to Frakmutegg, where we take a short toboggan run (on steel rails) and find lunch (bratwurst and frites  and two pretzel sandwiches:  salami, cheese).

The band

 Toboggan run

 Sausage frites and pretzel sandwiches

Returning to Lucerne, we track down a serious Swiss dinner, fondue at Pfistern Zunfthausrestaurant, established in 1578.  We start with some cold cuts and then the fondue!

 Fondue dinner

 Pfisern restaurant, self-service bread bar

Another great day in Lucerne!

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