Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Further Wanders in Basel

We check in at our ship, the Viking Tialfi, and head back out into Basel, crossing the river, wandering up the bank opposite the city center, and then wandering back down through the city.

 Strolling up the river bank

We pass one of the ferries across the Rhine that are powered solely by the current of the swift-moving water, connected to a rope stretched across the river.

Ferry across the Rhine

We pass some great paths, parks, art, and playgrounds and reach the sculpture located on the grounds of the Museum Tinguely, dedicated to the sculpture and paintings of the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely.

Parks, sculpture, playgrounds

 Museum Tinguely

Crossing the Rhine, we find our way back into the center of the city and visit the grounds of the Basel Cathedral, with its beautiful location overlooking the Rhine.

Following the Rhine back into Basel center

 Returning through the city to the Basel Cathedral

 Cathedral grounds overlooking the Rhine

From the cathedral, we walk back to the Viking Tialfi, ready to depart up the river in the early evening.

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