Friday, August 16, 2019

Continuing to Wander in Lucerne

The Grand Hotel Gütsch, overlooking Lucerne, is reached by a funicular (called the Gutschbahn) or by stairs (for those so inclined) from the river level of the city.  We head up to visit the sculpture park next to the hotel and enjoy great views of the city.

 Funicular, reaching the top

The Gütsch Hotel website calls the sculpture park "a land of fantasy irony, contemplation, experiment, mystic, and happiness."  We wander.

 Sculpture park

From the hotel, trails lead into the forest, heading toward other parts of the city and beyond.  We hike a ways, then return and head back down into the  city and over to the Glacier Garden, preserving glacial potholes formed during the last ice age

 Forest paths

 Glacial pot holes

The Glacier Garden also has a museum of fossils found in the area and an exhibition of life in early Lucerne.

 Rocks and fossils

 Early Lucerne life 

From the Glacier Garden, it's a short walk down to Lake Lucerne, where we take a cruise around the lake, viewing the city and mountains from the water.

Cruising on Lake Lucerne

Soon, it's time for dinner, which turns out to be Italian again:  antipasto tower; pappardelle with spinach, olives, feta, pine nuts, and fresh mozarella; and pizza with speck.

 Antipasto, pappardelle, pizza

Another great day in Lucerne!

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