Friday, August 30, 2019

Breisach, Germany

Breisach is located on the eastern banks of the Rhine, just west of the Black Forest and across from the Alsace region of France, famous for its wines.  We start with a short trip into the Black Forest, where we learn how to make a cuckoo clock, then view the varied cuckoo clocks for sale, before we head into the forest, following trails along a stream to beautiful water falls.

 Cuckoo clock assembly

 Cuckoo clocks

 Hiking into the Black Forest

Returning to Breisach, we trek up the hill to St. Stephen's Cathedral, overlooking the city and the Rhine.  The cathedral was built in the 12th century, with extensions and renovations stretching into the 15th century, and has been rebuilt after being heavily damaged in the Second World War.

 Heading up the hill

 St. Stephen's Cathedral

From the cathedral, we wander the streets of the town, viewing the great street art, much of them  traditional sculptures by the artist Helmut Lutz.

 Streets of Breisach

Art in  town

Crossing to the other side of town, we descend to the banks of the Rhine and find a craft fair in the park, featuring lots of great pottery, art, baskets, and food.

 Craft fair in the park

Hiking back up the hill into town, we run across the Treadle Wheel Well Tower, built in 1198 with a 41-meter deep well driven by a wooden treadle wheel.  Over the years, this building has also served as the city hall, court, and a prison torture chamber.  Now, it has been converted into a gallery and we admire the art.

 Treadle wheel building

 Now a gallery

We descend from the hilltop, cross over to the other side of town, and climb through some vineyards to a small defensive complex, built on Eckartsberg hill, that served as part of the city's defenses from the 14th to the 17th century.  Now, it provides great views of the city and the surrounding countryside.

 Eckartsberg hill

We've experienced a lot in our short stay in Briesach.  What a charming little town!

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