Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Walking Around Hannover

We walk from our hotel on the Mitteland Canal in northern Hannover toward the center of town, following the tracks of the tram line leading into town and admiring the architecture of the buildings along the way.

Buildings along the tram line

We see a lot of bicycle traffic, passing  a Deutsche Post mail deliver bicycle and a bike shop where we are astounded to see that the bike with a big basket in front costs 5,999 euros ($6,478 USD).

Postal bike, bike shop window

Approaching the center of the city, near the train station, we're amused by a whimsical statue on one of the main streets.

Whimsical art

We wander through the streets, generally in the direction of the main square, Kropcke-Uhr, with its distinctive clock that serves as a meeting spot.  And, we spot a small demonstration marching by through the main square and pedestrian streets around it.

Through the pedestrian area

A small protest marches by

Meeting at the clock

And, perhaps, a coffee next to the clock.

We continue through town, past the opera house (Staatsoper Hannover) and over to the ruins of the Aegidian Church, erected in 1347, bombed on October 3, 1943 by the British Royal Air Force, and left in ruins as a memorial to the horrors of wartime.  As one of Germany's most active industrial cities and a key railway junction, Hannover was subjected to 88 bombing raids during the war, destroying over 90% of the city.

Opera house, front and rear

Aegidian Church

From the church, we walk over to the new city hall (we'll pass the Old City Hall in Old Town in a bit).  Located on the edge of Maschpark, the city hall overlooks a tranquil scene as we wander by on our way to the Maschsee lake, also passing several of the city's museums across from the park.

New City Hall


Traditional and modern art museums

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