Friday, May 17, 2024

Mittelland Canal in Hannover

We arrive in Hannover and check into our hotel located in a former pen factory on a bank of the Mittelland Canal through northern Hannover.  Looking out the window of our room, we watch the barge traffic travelling up and down the canal, which is a major waterway in central Germany, providing the principal east-west inland connection and linking France, Switzerland, and the Benelux countries with Poland, the Czech Republic, and the Baltic Sea.

Peering out at the canal

Intrigued by the canal, we head out for a walk along the path on its banks (both sides).  The path is used by walkers (like us), hikers, bikers, and runners and is a beautiful oasis from the city around it.

Along the canal
We pass a small marina (Yachthafen Hannover), alongside of which are restaurants on ships more permanently moored than those in the marina.



Office buildings alternate with new apartments and older residential housing on the banks of the canal.

Office space with canal view


We are passed by more ships and boats moving down the canal and walk by others moored on its banks.

Continuing down the path

Boat launch with police boat

Periodic steps back up to city streets

Traffic on the canal

Soon, the sun begins to set and it's time to turn around and return along the canal to our hotel in the former pen factory.

Heading back as the sun sets

We're in Hannover for a few days and it'll be fun to once again visit this beautiful city.

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