Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Dining on Elba Island

We find incredible dining experiences on Elba (we are in Tuscany!) and truly enjoy every meal.  On the island, the emphasis is seafood, incredible seafood.  Our first dinner consists of a shared seafood starter, followed by large plates of spaghetti vongole, pizza diavola, and fish soup.

Great dinner!

Scenic location

Our second night's dinner is at the same restaurant:  spaghetti scampi, spaghetti vongole, and seafood risotto.

Seafood risotto

Spaghetti (scampi, vongole)

Our third dinner consists of gnocchi with gorgonzola, calzone classic, and soup with mussels and clams.

Another great meal!

As we walk back to the hotel from the restaurant, we admire the ships in the harbor, all lit up and about to head out for some serious fishing so that we (and everyone else here) can continue to enjoy these incredible meals!

Time to go fishing

It's been a short, but wonderful stop in Isola d'Elba and we need to come back soon!

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