Tuesday, January 9, 2024

A Boat Trip Around Elba Island

We're on Elba island and it seems appropriate that we should take  a boat trip around part of the island to get a better understanding of the area and for a little swimming in the bays off some of the beautiful beaches.  The boat tours leave from Marina di Campo, on the other side of the island and we catch a taxi over.

Harbor at Marina di Campo

We arrive a little before out trip and wander around the waterfront, picking an interesting looking restaurant on the harbor for lunch.  We prepare for our trip with octopus and potatoes, a ham and cheese panini, and spaghetti vongole.

Around the harbor

Bicycle advertising our cruise on the Baby  Princess


Our tour boat, the Baby Princess heads out of the harbor and around the point and we explore the island:  the land, the beaches, and the caves.

Heading up the coast

We pass a small towns and beaches, stopping occasionally for those of us interested in swimming.

Passing towns and beaches

Our final swimming stop is at the location of a shipwreck, the Elviscot, an Italian merchant ship that sank in about 12 meters of water in 1972.  Surrounded by beautiful fish (fed by the boat crew), we can just barely see the wreck in the water.

Swimming near the shipwreck

Soon, it is time to return and our ship turns around and head back to Marina di Campo.

Heading back

It's been great lunch, a great trip on the water, some great swimming and now it's time to head back to our hotel and think about dinner.

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