Friday, October 27, 2023

Mud Island, Memphis

The walkway to Mud Island descends in the middle of the Mississippi River Walk, a 2,000 foot (610 meter) long model of the river that meaders around the buildings, greenways, and walkways of the park.

Mississippi River map

The Mississippi is America's mightiest river, but begins as a small creek in northwestern Minnesota.  After it is joined by the Missouri River in St. Louis, the Mississippi continues south to New Orleans, where it exits into the Gulf of Mexico, 2,350 miles (3,782 km) from its source.

Mississippi River Walk

Along the river walk are small parks and places to rest, view the river model, view the actual Missippi alongside, and read about the sections of the river.

Small parks

Stories of the river

The model Mississippi continues, alongside the real one

Toward the end of Mud Island, a 50-foot (15 meter) Memphis sign faces the waterfront of the city.

Memphis sigh

Across from the sign, paddle-wheel Memphis Riverboats are parked, offering cruises on the Mississippi.

Paddle wheel boats

Walking back toward the Mud Island pedestrian bridge, we pass the (now closed) 5,000-seat outdoor amphitheater and the boat ramp (open) to launch personal craft into the Mississippi.

Amphitheater, boat ramp

Leaving the island and crossing over the bridge, we get another great view of Bass Pro Shops before we descent into the lower levels of the structure and find the operating motors for the monorail which is also now closed.

Bass Pro Shops on the horizon

Monorail mechanicals

We exit and look back at the walkway that leads over to the Mud Island park, recreation area, and river model. 

Looking back at the walkway

Another block along, we find a fair in the park along with great views of Mud Island from the Memphis waterfront.

Fair booths, band setting up

Looking across at the Memphis sign, river barges passing by

There's certainly a lot to expore and experience here on the river and alongside the river.

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