Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Graceland - Elvis' Home

Graceland, once the home of Elvis Presley, is located on a 13.8 acre (5.6 hectare) estate in Memphis, Tennessee.  Elvis is buried here, along with his parents, grandmother, grandson and daughter.  The estate was opened to the public as a museum in 1982 and attracts over 650,000 visitors annually.  Across the street from the house is a 200,000 square foot (15,850 square meter) entertainment center and exhibit complex that shows the life of Elvis and displays the things he loved (clothes, cars, airplanes, and motorcycles).

We start with a tour of the Graceland mansion.

Entering the complex, across to the house

We enter through the front door (with our tour group) into the living room/music room where Elvis socialized with his family and friends.

Living room/music room

Across the way is the dining room and kitchen, with all the latest appliances (for 1957), including a TV in every room and a microwave in the kitchen.

Dining room and kitchen

On the other side of the kitchen is the Jungle Room, featuring an indoor waterfall and items related to and imported from Hawaii, brought home after Elvis filmed Blue Hawaii in 1961.  Later, the Jungle Room was converted into a studio where Elvis recorded his last two albums.

Jungle Room

Descending to the basement, we enter the TV room, with three televisions so that Elvis could watch football games on all three networks simultaneously, followed by the billiard room.

TV room, billiard room

Leaving the house out the back door, we find small buildings with the office of Elvis' manager, the firing range, a smokehouse, and a racquetball court.

Manager's office, firing range

Rear view of Graceland

Racquetball building

Continuing around the building, we pass the pool and come to the Meditation Garden where Elvis and his family members are buried.

Pool and editation garden

Elvis and family

Returnining to the front of Graceland, we hop on the shuttle to take us across the street to the exhibit center and entertainment complex.

Leaving Graceland

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