Friday, October 20, 2023

Beale Street at Night

We return to Beale Street as the sun sets and find that we now need to show identification and pay an entrance fee to get onto the street.  Our IDs are scanned, we pay, and we enter.

Twilight on Beale Street

We stop for an initial drink at the Rum Boogie Cafe while the band is setting up in the venue.

Rum Boogie Cafe

Band setting up

As the sun sets, the crowd grows and the street comes to life.

Street comes to life

We head over to B. B. King's Blues Club and settle in for some great blues (and a drink or two).

B. B. King's Blues Club

Back out on the street, everyhting is lit up as people continue to enter the street and pick a club for their music.

Leaving Beale Street

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