Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Dinners in Paris

We can't close the blog on this trip without mentioning dinners in Paris!  But, first, an aperitif on our hotel room balcony.


Our first dinner in Paris at La Mascotte, we start with an eclectic mixture of 6 escargot, foccacia, onion soup (gratinee a l'ognon), and confit de canard.


On our return to Paris, we return to La Mascotte, where we have almost the same dinner, starting with the house foie gras, followed by 6 escargots, onion soup, and duck confit.

Accompanying dinner

A full table

Our next dinner is at our favorite duck restaurant in Paris:  Il était une Oie dans le Sud-ouest, where we start with foie gras (mi-cuit), followed by duck salad and margret de canard.

Menu, foie gras

Duck salad

Margret de canard

After dinner, we retire to our room and sit on our balcony observing the city around us.

View from our balcony at night

We never tire of Pairs and will keep on coming back!

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