Friday, December 9, 2022

A Short Fall Trip to Saint Martin

It's starting to get cold outside at home and we escape for a short trip to tropical paradise in Saint Martin.  Saint Martin is about 300 miles (483 km) east of Puerto Rico, in the northeastern-most part of the Caribbean Sea and is (since 1648) divided between the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Sint Maartin, where the airport is located), and the French Republic (Saint Martin, where our hotel resides).

The island and neighboring Anguilla both recently ended Covid restrictions, so our pre-journey paperwork is much simpler and we simply arrive, pass through immigration, stop at the grocery store on our way to the hotel (Grand Case Beach Club), and wander the beautiful grounds.

Arriving at the hotel

Grand Case Beach Club

Year-round residents greet us

We sit and enjoy the view as the day comes to an end, knowing that it is only a short walk into Grand Case for dinner in the Gastronomic Capital of the Caribbean.  And, as soon as the sun has set, we will start thinking seriously about making that walk.

More views of the sea

The sun sets

And, while we may no longer be in a place where snow can fall, the local Super U Supermarché [where we stock up on wine (we are in France), rum (we are in the Caribbean), and baguettes, charcuterie, and cheeses for our breakfasts (France, again)] has a few holiday decorations for us to enjoy at the entrance.

Bienvenue à Super U

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