Tuesday, December 6, 2022

A Few Sights at the Seoul Airport

As we depart Seoul on our way back to the US, we find a few interesting sights in the airport.  At the entrance to the terminal, police and fire groups are conducting a drill.  This drill involves actually exploding a package in the terminal and the airline check-in staff tell us to cover our ears as we wait in line.  Sure enough, there soon is a loud explosion that fills the area and the police and fire crews then wander away.

Arriving during a drill

In the lounge where we stop briefly for a quick bite on our way to the gate, we meet a table-clearing robot.  This cute machine wanders up and down the aisles of the lounge, holding plastic tubs for us to deposit our plates, glasses, and other used items.

Table clearing

In the airport, two robots are available to help us on our way.   One sleek information robot will answer questions and help us with directions and information.  The other "Airporter" robot will carry luggage to the gate for us (we admired the concept, but didn't use the service).

Airside robot helpers

The airport is beautiful inside, with pleasant, clean, comfortable, and beautifully-decorated seating areas.  And, once seated, the robots stop bugging us!  It's back to human interaction for our boarding of the flight.

Waiting at the gate

Soon, we're winging our way home, planning a new adventure.

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