Tuesday, December 20, 2022

A Day on Scooby Too

We book a day cruise to Anguilla (with a short stop at Tintamarre) on the Scooby Too, a pontoon ship that leaves from Anse Marsel, the cove just above Grand Case, and makes a stop at our hotel to pick us (and a few others) up before heading out into the Anguilla Channel.

The view of Saint Martin is spectacular as we head north to the small island of Tintamarre

Saint Martin recedes

Relaxing on deck

Île Tintamarre is a small island of about .8 square km (0.3 sq miles) located about 3 km (2 miles) from Satin Martin.  This island has no human occupants, but does have a great beach, good snorkeling, and (on the other side of the beach) sea turtles.  We arrive, anchor off the beach, and swim to shore

Arriving and anchoring

We are among the first to arrive, but as the morning goes on, the bay fills up with other ships full of pleasure seekers.

Early and later

As Tintamarre Bay fills up, we head out, raise the sails, and point ourselves toward Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla, across the channel from Marigot and Grand Case.

Sailing along the Saint Martin coast

Approaching Anguilla

We anchor, swim ashore (small inflatable boat available for those not interested in the swim) and have a great buffet lunch on land.

Rendezvous Bay

Looking back at Saint Martin across the channel

Scooby Too at anchor

After lunch, we take a stroll on the beautiful sandy beach, passing resorts and small bars and restaurants along the way.

Along the beach

Scooby Too in the distance

We return to Scooby Too and take a short swim along the coast, before swimming over the the ship and heading back across the channel to Saint Martin.

Leaving Anguilla, approaching Grand Case

Grand Case grows closer (too soon) and Scooby Too drops us off at our hotel's beach after a fabulous day on the water.

Grand Case grows closer

What a great trip!

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