Friday, July 29, 2022

Planet Ocean Montpellier

Planet Ocean Montpellier is home to over 3,500 sea and ocean animals of 400 species, with animals from all over the world:  from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, from the South African coast to the Atlantic Ocean and the Amazon.  In addition the museum is interactive with an simulation of a ship in a stormy sea and a 3D underwater exploration experience, as well as France's largest covered tank, 10 meters (33 feet) high and 18 meters (59 feet) wide.

We enter and wander.

Creatures of the sea

Ship's bridge in stormy sea

More creatures

One great exhibit features fish of tropical coral reefs, with a simulated reef and tropical islands.

Creatures of the reef

And, what would an aquarium be without lizards, iguanas, frogs, and parrots?

Other creatures

A few more fish

As we reach the end of our visit, we find a space theme, with planets, asteroids, space suits, and ET.

Space theme

Viewing the stars and exploring space

Outside Planet Ocean are statues of famous world leaders, including Mao Zedung, Mohamed Ghandi, Franklin Roosevelt, Vladimir Lenine, Golda Meir, Winston Churchill, and Charles de Gaulle.

Tour of world leaders

Planet Ocean Montpellier offers an incredible experience!

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