Friday, July 22, 2022

Parks and Squares in Bordeaux

Bordeaux's old town is packed with squares.  Every neighborhood seems to have its square, with its own shops and restaurants.  As we wander from neighborhood to neighborhood, we walk through the squares, watch the people out enjoying themselves, and occasionally sit and have something to eat or drink.

Neighborhood squares

And, some come with entertainment.

Local band

At night, the restaurants in the squares fill up with diners and much good food, wine, and conversation is enjoyed.

Night falls

Bordeaux also has some great parks.  the Esplanade des Quinconces provides a venue along the river for events throughout the year.  At one end is the Monument aux Girondins, with raging horses at the base of a fountain topped by a statue of liberty.

Statue des Girondins

A few blocks from the river, the Public Garden (Jardin Public) was inaugurated in 1746 on the edge of the city and now provides a calm oasis in the center of town, with vast lawns, fountains, gardens, and bridges over a serpentine pond.

Jardin Public

In the back of Public Garden, a Botanical Garden, dating from 1858, contains more than 3,000 plant species, including those indigenous to Aquitaine and exotic plants from North America, China, and Japan.

Botanical garden

Leaving the Botanical Garden and heading back toward the old town, we find more of the delights and grand spaces in the Public Garden.

Passing back through the Public Garden

The public spaces in Bordeaux, the small squares, the esplanade along the river, and the parks and gardens are all fabulous and intriguing surprises that we find as we wander through the city.  What great treats!

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