Friday, July 15, 2022

Bordeaux Markets

We visit several market in Bordeaux, some by design, some we just find as we wander.  We first walk through March des Capkucins, the city's largest market and an incredible experience to see the raw and prepared food available and the people shopping, dining, and meeting friends.

Marche des Capkucins

Outside the market, many more stands sell additional items on the sidewalk.

Outside the market

Across the street, a Halal market sells more specialized items.

Halal market

Just two blocks away, the Marché Royal (St-Michel), in the square outside the Basilique St-Michel is more informal, operating every Saturday with over 150 vendors of food, crafts, and flea market items.  And, as an added treat, the streets are decorated on the way to St-Michel.

Street art

Marché Royal

A few block further, along the Garonne River, the Quays market stretches for blocks along the river, with food and wares.

Quays market

Up the river, Les Halles de Bacalan is located across from La Cité du Vin (a "cultural center dedicated to the universal, living heritage of wine").  Les Halles de Bacalan is a modern food hall with most items from southwestern France.  There are a lot of enticing items for immediate consumption and we stop for lunch of a charcuterie platter and glasses of wine.

Les Halles de Bacalan


The markets in Bordeaux are incredible and well worth the wander to enter each, sample a little, and, when hungry (or not), dine a little.

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