Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Dinners in Montpellier

Our first dinner in Montpellier is at Café des Arts, across from the indoor market, Halles Castellane.  We start with brochette chevre miel (goat cheese and honey), 4 cheese pizza, and filet de St. Pierre (John Dory).


Pizza, John Dory

Our next dinner is at Rosemarie in a square near our apartment, where we have squid, mussels, frites, and a cheese desert.


Squid, mussels

All together, then desert

We next dine on fish & chips at UFish, near the Halles Castelone.  We drink light pink wines, ether local from Languedoc or Côtes de Provence with almost every meal.  Dining outside in the warm weather, it's a perfect match.

Fish & Chips

We enjoy a memorable lunch (among many) when we bicycle to the Mediterranean, about 1/2 hour bike ride from Montpellier.  We have seafood salad (and a carafe of rosé wine)

Seafood salad

That evening, we are in for a real treat:  we have reservations at Ebullition, a little off the beaten path, but well work the short walk to the other side of old town.  We have a great amuse-bouche, followed by celery risotto cooked in rancio wine and walnuts, cuttlefish in creamy tagliatelle with aoli, and duck breast slow cooked with potatoes and carrots as a purée, juice, and flowers.  Followed by an incredible cheese platter from which we pick several for desert.  What an incredible experience!


Risotto, duck

Cheese board and selection

To end, a cognac and some final treats

Thursday evening, the square outside Halles Castellone is packed, but we find a space at Marvelous and dine on tomato salad, margret de canard (duck), and ricotta with gorgonzola ravioli
The square is full

Tomato salad

Duck, ravioli

We should also mention our breakfasts in our apartment.  Every morning, we walk to the boulangerie for a fresh baguette and a chocolate croissant.  We then have those with mixed charcuterie, cheese, yogurt, and a banana.  It's a great start to the day!

Local boulangerie


Within a short walk from our apartment is an incredible assortment of really great dining and we wander, pick, and truly enjoy the experiences!

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