Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Dining in Bordeaux

We have two dinners in Bordeaux, both at La Brasserie Bordelaise.  We have a reservation for Saturday dinner at the restaurant and Friday, when we are walking through the old town looking for a place to dine, we spot an interesting-looking restaurant and menu, walk in, and then realize it is the same place (and a great choice).

Our first dinner begins with a charcuterie platter, followed by entrees of cod and river eel.

Charcuterie platter, bread and pâté

Cod, river eel

The next day, they recognize us and, with our bread and pâté, bring us a plate of Iberian ham.  We then share oysters, followed by cod (again, it's really good!), veal chop, and profiteroles.

Bread and ham (and pâté), oysters

Cod, veal

Sides:  salad, frites


The walls of La Brasserie Bordelaise are covered with awards the restaurant has received and pictures of famous diners.

Restaurant walls

While on the subject of food, we should mention the breakfast we have at our hotel, l'Hôtel Cardinal, in Bordeaux.  The hotel does not have a restaurant, but serves breakfast in the room.  And, what a great breakfast it is!

Breakfast in the room

Although this is a short stay in Bordeaux (we'll be back), we experience some great food (and wine) in the markets, restaurants, and in our hotel.

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