Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Wrapping Up the Stay in Hangzhou

I want to share a few more views of Hangzhou before I leave.  This is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in China.  The people are really friendly and helpful, the scenery is spectacular, the layout of the city is convenient and inviting, and there is incredible history everywhere.  There is not much tourist traffic and I get to experience a real Chinese city as life goes on.  This is really great!

Like all Chinese cities, there are bicycles and bicycle-sharing programs everywhere.

 Bicycles everywhere

And, scattered throughout the city are art and sculptures, decorating parks, streets, shops, and neighborhoods. 

Sculptures scattered throughout Hangzhou

To end my trip, I return to West Lake, the highlight of Hangzhou and worth many visits to rest, relax, and just enjoy along the way.  The walk around the lake is fabulous!

 Views of West Lake

At the airport, there is more great history.  In the international terminal, a display catches my attention:  a 1958 Hongqi Sedan, one of the first cars designed and manufactured in China.  In the 1960s, the Hongqi Sedan was allocated only to vice ministers and above for their travels.  With room for eight, the driving area was separated from the passengers and bodyguard seats were included.

 Welcome to the airport

 1958 Hongqi Sedan

I've had a great trip to Hangzhou and rank this as one of my favorite China cities.

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