Friday, May 13, 2022

Marigot, Saint Martin

Marigot is next door to Grand Case and is the capital of the Collectivity of Saint Martin.  Originally a fishing village on a swamp (for which it was named), Marigot was made the capital by Louis XVI.  We come over the hill from Grand Case and spot Marigot in the distance

Approaching Marigot

Our first stop is the harbor, full of ships, shops, and restaurants.  

Around the harbor

Walking past the harbor, we reach the Marigot Market, with an active fish market (unfortunately sold out and closed by the time we arrive), a clothing and goods market, and lolo (open air food) stands for great inexpensive meals.

Art on the wall

Fish market

Goods market

Art on the market walls

Beyond the market is the Gare Maritime, where the ferries to Anguilla, just across the channel, arrive and depart. 

Gare Maritime

We walk back through the market to the lolos to find lunch, pick the Francis Bar & Restaurant, and have a great meal of creole shrimp and goat stew, accompanied by a local beer.  The lolos are all [re-]constructed from shipping containers after the hurricane removed the previous buildings.

Alley of lolos

Francis Bar & Restaurant

Creole Shrimp and Goat Stew

After lunch, we walk back to the harbor and see that some of it is bustling, but some has not yet recovered from Hurricane Irma in 2017, a Category 5 storm that caused "enormous devastation" and made the island unreachable for a while.

Around the harbor

Yet to recover

After a little shopping in the harbor boutiques, it's time to head back to Grand Case and prepare for another great French meal on the water.

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