Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Island Adventure in Aruba

In the morning, we travel out to the private island owned by the Renaissance Hotel, where we are staying.  The shuttle boat to the island leaves from the hotel lobby, cuts through the hotel, and heads across the bay to the island.

Shuttle to the island from the hotel lobby

Cutting across the bay, arriving

We are welcomed to the island by the local wildlife:  flamingos, lizards, and pelicans.

Welcome to our island

We stroll over to the beach, pick some chairs, and settle in for a few hours.

Settlling in

After a little rest and relaxation, we swim in the lagoon and take a few pictures from the water.


The occasional rainbow

View from the water

Back on the beach, we wander a bit, then take the shuttle back to the hotel.

Strolling on the beach

Shuttle back

For dinner, we head over to Pelican Pier for fabulous shrimp, grouper, and key lime pie.

Grouper and pie

We're coming to the end of our Caribbean adventures and will have to explore more islands over the next few years!

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