Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Exploring Luxembourg Gardens in Paris

We stroll through the streets of the Left Bank of the Seine in Paris, finally ending up at Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg), owned by the French Senate which meets in a Palace in the corner of the gardens.  The gardens were started in 1612 when Marie de' Medici, the widow of King Henry IV, constructed the Luxembourg Palace as her new residence.  The gardens cover 23 hectares (57 acres) and are known for their lush lawns, tree-lined promenades, many tennis courts, beautiful flowerbeds, Medici Fountain, and model sailboats sailing on the octagonal Grand Bassin.

We enter the park and wander through the spring plantings.

Spring flowers in the gardens

It's early and the trees are just getting their leaves, but the ponies are out and ready for riders to come to the park.

Leaves emerging

Ponies ready

On this beautiful spring day, there are quite a few people walking in the park or sunning by the basin or in one of the clearings in the park

Relaxing in the park

Senate palace in the background

Lots of space

A brief rain shower passes through and we take refuge in the bandstand, along with others in the area, until the shower passes and the sun reemerges.

Hiding from the rain

It's a beautiful spring day in Luxembourg Gardens and we truly enjoy our stroll (even the hiding from the rain).

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