Friday, April 26, 2024

Continuing to Wander in Paris

We leave the Luxembourg Gardens, heading toward Place Saint-Michel.  As we wander down Boulevard Saint-Michel, we find a market on the sidewalk featuring all sorts of tempting foods, from cheeses to sausages to nougats and nuts.  We wander and eventually (after sampling several types) purchase a portion of traditional nougat to take home.

Sidewalk market

Continuing into the maze of streets around Place Saint-Michel, we walk past the shops and restaurants to a chocolate shop on the corner where we enter and admire the many Easter-themed chocolates throughout the store.

Chocolate shop

A brief rainshower passes through after we cross the Seine by Notre Dame (noting the cranes still in operation, although the reopening of the cathedral is scheduled with different celebrations from December 8, 2024 to June 8, 2025) and we stop at the next cafe and sit as a table outside under the awning, sipping a glass of wine, as the storm passes.

Notre Dame reconstruction continues

Waiting for the rain to pass

Perhaps the rain was a sign, we've been walking for a while and it's time to sit for a bit, sip some good wine, and watch the world scurry by in the rain.

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