Friday, February 16, 2024

Carnival Parade on St. Kitts

We have been focused on our move from the Dallas, Texas area to the Tacoma, Washington area and have not travelled as much recently as we have in the past.  That leaves us a little short of new content, but with a lot of postings over the last 9 years (the blog started in 2015), we have much material and will take this opportunity to revisit some of our favorite trips and experiences, adding in new adventures as they occur (Madrid, Paris, and Hannover coming next month).

We have been on St. Kitts and Nevis several times during the Carnival celebration which starts in late November and extends through the holiday season.  The event features colorful parades, street performances, competitions, shows, and other activities that blend the celebration of the island's culture with the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

We'll start with some warm-weather locations, particularly around the Caribbean.  We are lucky to arrive in St. Kitts on a Carnival parade day.  It's a little crowded, but fun to walk around.  Here are a few of the sights.  Many of the floats are two-level, with a band on one level and dancers on the other.

 The streets are crowded

 The floats are colorful and full of bands

People are walking and riding in the parade

 Others are dancing around the float

And, the band plays on

 Another band goes by, pulled by tractor

 And, yet another

 People walk the streets, party, and have a great time

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