Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Another Trip on the Scooby Too

We enjoy the day cruises on Scooby Too in Saint Martin so much that we book two of them this trip, journeys to Tintamarre and Rendevezous Bay in Anguilla and to the Prickly Pear Cays in Anguilla.  The Cays are a small pair of uninhabited islands about 6 miles (10 km) below Anguilla with a long, beautiful white sand beach for swimming, snorkeling, and exploring Prickly Pear Reef.

Leaving Saint Martin

Approaching Anguilla

With the sails up

To get to the beach, we need to pass through a small channel, which is too rough for passage today and we pull up close for a good look and then return to Anguilla for another day in Rendevezous Bay.

Channel is rough today

Turning around and departing

We pass some fabulous properties on the southern shore of Anguilla as we head around the point to the southeastern part of the island.

Island homes

Rough surf on Anguilla also

Sails down, heading into the wind

As we round the tip of Anguilla, the wind dies down, the sun reemerges, and we find a beautiful, sheltered location in Rendevezous Bay.

Rendevezous Bay

After lunch on Scooby, we swim to shore (others take a ride in the ship's rubber dinghy), walk the beach, and then swim back and use the water slide for a while.

In the water

Much too soon, it is time for Scooby Too to cross the channel back to Saint Martin and drop us off at our hotel's beach.

Getting off on the beach

Scooby Too then leaves for the short trip to its home port in Anse Marcel, just north of us.

Scooby Too heads home

Another great day on the water and another item to look foward to in coming trips to Saint Martin:  return to Prickly Pear Cays on a day when we can get through the channel and play on the beach and explore the reef.

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