Friday, March 10, 2023

Day Trip to Monopoli

Monopoli, the first city south of Polignano a Mare, was founded around 500 BC and has become an agricultural, industrial, and tourist center.  We hop on a train for the short ride over and walk through the city to the sea.  We immediately spot a small market several blocks long and stop to see what's available.

Passing through a market

We reach the port and find fishermen selling fresh fish off the boat.

Fresh fish

The harbor is full of working boats.

Boats in the harbor

Along the city walls facing the harbor is an exhibition representing regional businesses, industries, educational institutions, and activities.

Exhibition at the harbor

And, a little further along the water, images from the space telescope.

Space telescope

But, we're here to view sights on earth. rather than space, and leave the harbor to enter through a city gate to the walls and fortifications along the sea.

City walls and cannons

On top of a wall, we find pictures of dishes made with insects, such as tagliatelle with crickets or chocolate cream with amaretto biscuits and scorpion.

Insect delights

This is a little much for us and we pass through another gate into the old town for a more traditional exploration and lunch.

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