Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Continuing on the Water in Polignano

As we continue our cruise up the coast by Polignano, we pass the island of San Paolo, which was inhabited in the 11th century by a hermit who spotted the small island with almost no vegetation and decided to live there:  the rock, his solitude, and contemplation.  The cross on the top of the island is unrelated to the story of the hermit and was installed in 1901 on the centenary of San Vito Martyr, patron of Polignano.

San Paolo

Looking back at modern Polignano

We turn and head back toward the marina, stopping in the cove where our hotel and its famous restaurant (Grotta Palazzese) are located.  We are here for a swim in the Adriatic waters and a tour of the grotto from the inside.

Looking up at Grotta Palazzese

Arrival at the restaurant by sea (no longer used)

In the grotto

Arriving back at the marina, we call a tuk tuk and ride back into town, travelling along the cliff that we just viewed from the sea.

Our ride arrives

Along the coast

Back at our hotel, we see that other boats have arrive to swim and party in the cove where we stopped only an hour or so ago.

Party in the cove

To reward ourselves, we wander over to the old town for a limoncello spritz and octopus sandwich.

Spritz and sandwich

Another great day, seeing the city on land and by sea.

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