Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Day Trip to Monopoli, Part II

The narrow, winding streets of Monopoli's old town offer us lots of great sights as we wander through and see what we can find. 

Streets of old town

Briefly emerging from old town, we find a beach, another small harbor, and the city walls.

Emerging from old town

Reentering the old town, we come on a basilica dedicated to Madonna della Madia and enter to explore the beautiful building.


Art in the basilica

Exiting the basilica, we continue to explore the old town, wandering through the streets wherever we spot something interesting to view.

Continuing through old town

Finding the occasional piazza

Leaving the old town, we return to the sea, seeking lunch and we find it at a Carlo Quinto with tables on the sidewalk overlooking the sea.  We dine on bruschetta, cavatelli with seafood, spaghetti with mussels, and Greek salad.

View from our table


We walk back through the harbor to the train station, spotting more great boats and views.

More great boats

Train back to Polignano a Mare

Another great day on the Adriatic

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