Tuesday, September 13, 2022

L'Atelier des Luminaires in Paris

L'Atelier des Luminaires is a new art center in Paris presenting classic artwork in video exhibitions with immersive music.  We visit and find that the Atelier currently has two shows:  Cezanne (Lights of Provence) and Kandinsky (The Odyssey of Abstraction).

L'Atelier is housed in an old factory in Paris and has large spaces to project the video extravaganza.  It's incredible! 

The first show is Cezanne and we wander the floor watching the show on the walls.  Cezanne spent much time at the Louvre, studying and reproducing paintings by old masters.  He then became transfixed by still lifes, declaring, "With an apple I shall astonish Paris."


The next show is Kandinsky, a pioneer of abstract art.  The show opens with Kandinsky's imaginary world where a single dot is the essential starting point for any pictorial adventure.  Colored dots appear like stars and as their density increases, more precise motifs are revealed.


Wow, what an experience!

Outside L'Atelier des Luminaires

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