Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Food and Dining in Paris

We dine well in our short stop in Paris on our way back home from Montpellier.  We first head over to Le Passage St. Honoré near our hotel, starting with a dozen escargot, followed by margret de canard (duck) and sole Meuniere.

Une douzaine d'escargots

Margret de canard, sole

The next day, we have lunch at a brasserie in Place de la Republic, near the museum L'Atelier des Luminaires .  It is raining and we pop into this truly inviting restaurant for a croque monsieur and a "Frenchy Salad" with camembert.

Croque monsieur, Frenchy salad

Walking back toward the Louvre on Rue de Rivoli, we pass a fabulous cheese shop and can't resist taking a few pictures.


Next to the cheese shop is another small shop with great fruit and vegetables.


Our last evening in Paris, we return to Le Passage St. Honoré for the Iberian ham appetizer, a pitcher of rose wine, and a lemon tart.  We are full after the appetizer and ask the waiter if anyone ever orders a main course to follow and he responds, "Only very large people."

Iberian ham appetizer!

Lemon tart

Lemon tart with armagnac

We're only passing through, but we're really glad we can (and did) stop in Paris for a brief moment!

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