Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Back in Paris

We stop briefly in Paris on our way back home from Montpellier, walking through the city and enjoying the wonderful weather.  From our hotel, we wander through the Tuileries, admiring the plantings on the way to the Louvre.

Plantings in the Tuileries

At the Louvre, we cross over the Seine to the left bank where we find an inflatable wishing fountain sculpture in the center of Monnaie de Paris, revisiting the European ritual of throwing coins into a water source to attract good fortune.

Inflatable wishing fountain

Walking further to Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens), we find people out enjoying the beautiful weather and the incredible park.

Games in the park

Tennis and ponies in the park

In the center of the Luxembourg Gardens, people are relaxing around the ponds and fountains, while others are sailing their small ships in the breeze.

Relaxing and sailing in the park

The gardens are newly planted, showing fabulous arrangements, with the French Senate in the background.

Senate in the background

Nearby, singers and a band entertain us all at a bandstand across from the Senate.

Afternoon music in the park

Continuing along the side of the Senate toward the exit, we find more gardens and sculptures.

Heading toward the exit

Across the street from the Luxembourg Gardens, a small market is set up on the sidewalk of Boulevard Saint-Michel.  We can't resist and are offered free samples at several of the booths.

Sidewalk market

We explore the market, then continue down the boulevard toward Place Saint-Michel.

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