Friday, August 19, 2022

Winding Up Our Visit to Marseille

On the northern side of the old port, Fort Saint-Jean sits at the edge of the harbor.  The two forts (Fort Saint-Jean and Fort Saint Nicholas at the other side of the harbor entrance) were actually built in response to a local uprising against the governor and their cannons point inwards toward the city.

Fort Saint-Jean

Fort Saint-Jean is linked by two foot bridges to Marseille's Le Panier district and the the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations and is just plain fun to wander through.  But first, we walk past the fort, looking out over museums, a ferry terminal, and Cathedral la Major.

Ferry terminal next to cathedral


Entering the fort, we stroll the ramparts and get more great views of the ports and the city.

Fort Saint-Jean

Descending from the fort back to the harbor, we walk along the northern side, watching the boats and enjoying the artwork and music along the way.

Boats in the harbor

Marseille decorations scattered around

Music at the port

Fish art on the walls

When we return the next morning to the old port (just before heading to the train station for our trip back to Montpellier), we find a fish market at the end of the port, with fishing boats tied up and people cleaning the fish fresh off the boat and selling them to early risers.

Morning fish market

And, nearby, we find others hard at work cleaning and repairing their boats.

Working on the boats

Soon, however, it is time for our train and we head back up the steps to the Marseille train station to find our way back to Montpellier.

Up to the station

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